Thursday, December 26, 2013

JFK's First Dallas Motorcade: Rare Video from 1960 Campaign

The video above is part of a fantastic package from the Dallas Morning News newspaper, available on its website,, detailing Sen. John F. Kennedy's campaign swing through Dallas, with running mate Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson, as a presidential candidate in the 1960 election.

Everyone remembers JFK's ill-fated motorcade through Dallas in November 1963, but this earlier appearance in Dallas was largely forgotten (or at least just a footnote). And the film footage of Kennedy's speeches and appearances during the 1960 Dallas trip really was forgotten. explains about the clip posted above:

John F. Kennedy never made it to his Dallas speech on November 22, 1963. But eight weeks before the 1960 election, he made two Dallas speeches. A newly discovered color film of his Sept. 13, 1960, appearance with Lyndon Johnson at Dallas' Chance Vought Aircraft factory is perhaps the only complete film of a JFK speech in Dallas. We present it for its first showing in 53 years.

The Morning News package includes many photos from the trip as well as a lengthy and very interesting article about the campaign stop in Dallas. And more footage from the 1960 tape:

Check out the full package on

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