Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Perfect Coffee Mug Might Finally Be Here: The Temperfect by Joeveo

What's the biggest problem you have with traditional coffee cups and coffee mugs? The coffee goes cold too fast. The traditional mug allows heat to dissipate too quickly, and your coffee is at its optimal drinking temperature for a sub-optimal amount of time.

What's another problem with traditional coffee cups and mugs? When you first fill them with coffee, the coffee is often too hot to drink. You have to let it cool for a while first.

So coffee drinkers go from blowing on the coffee to cool it, to wishing that our coffee stayed hotter longer!

Wouldn't it be great if there was a coffee mug that solved both those problems? Well, guess what: There is!

It's called the Temperfect mug, made by a company called Joeveo. Engineers Dean Verhoeven and Logan Maxwell independently hit on the same design idea, then met and combined forces to launch Joeveo.

They started a campaign on Kickstarter to raise $23,000. That campaign recently ended with more than 10 times as much money pledged - $269,271.

Here is the video that accompanied Joeveo's Kickstarter campaign:

On their Kickstarter page, Verhoeven explains:

This project was born of my frustration with not being able to drink my carefully-brewed, but too hot, coffee right after I made it, and it then getting cold before I had time to enjoy it. I wanted it just right.

I thought about this problem and had an inspiration: why not take the excess heat out of the too-hot coffee, store it in the wall of the mug, and then use it later to keep the coffee at a pleasant drinking temperature? I realized that this could be done simply by adding an extra layer of what I call active (“Temperfect”) insulation to a standard mug.

This extra insulation layer absorbs the excess heat from your drink, and brings it quickly to a comfortable temperature. Later, it slowly releases that heat back into your drink to keep its temperature just right.

The website Phys.org also explained how the Temperfect mug by Joeveo works:

(The) design is an insulated mug with three walls. Between the outer and middle walls is a vacuum, like a conventional insulated mug. But between the middle wall and the inner wall of the mug is a non-toxic chemical that we'll call "Material X." Material X is useful for putting into coffee mugs because it "melts" at 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

At room temperature, Material X is a solid. But when you pour hot coffee into the mug, the heat dissipates through the stainless steel inner wall of the mug and is absorbed by Material X, which becomes a liquid. This pulls the temperature of the coffee down to 140 degrees F. As the coffee cools, Material X releases its heat back through the lining of the mug – keeping the coffee hot.

So, to summarize: The Temperfect mug's design quickly cools the coffee to a comfortably drinking temperature. And then keeps it at that temp for hours! What a concept!

Here is a charmingly goofy promo spot made by Joeveo cofounder Maxwell about the Temperfect mug:

You can learn a lot more about the science and engineering behind the Temperfect mug at the Kickstarter and Phys.org pages linked above.

But what about ordering one? They aren't in stores yet. But Joeveo is ramping up production of the Temperfect mugs, and expects to begin shipping by July 2014 at the latest.

Want to pre-order? Visit Joeveo.com to view the options.

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