Thursday, February 20, 2014

Perfect Bacon Bowl Passes This TV Reporter's Test

We've told you before about the Perfect Bacon Bowl, the as seen on TV product that promises to produce an edible bowl of bacon. Sounds yummy! But, we wrote in that original post, it also sounds like a product that a) probably doesn't work as well as advertised and b) isn't necessary because you can get the same effect by other means (without having to buy something new).

Do our contentions hold up? TV consumer affairs reporter Connie Thompson of KOMO recently took the Perfect Bacon Bowl home and, using her microwave, performed a couple tests. And she came away very impressed by it - even though it didn't work exactly as promised in the instructions:

Thompson also found that using another kitchen product that she already owned allowed her to do the same job as the Perfect Bacon Bowl without having to buy something new. Still, the Perfect Bacon Bowl did pass Thompson's test.

Have you tried it?

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