Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Best Beatles Cover You'll Hear Today: 'And I Love Her' by Broken Bells

Covering a Beatles track is something almost every band wants to do. Why? C'mon, those songs! But the songs being so great is also what makes covering a Beatles track fraught with peril. Do you really want to tackle something that was so wonderfully performed and recorded the first time around? Are you up for the inevitable comparisons to the original that will follow? Not many bands fare well when compared to the original Beatles track. Some Beatles covers are downright awful.

But not this one! It's Broken Bells, featuring archival footage of Ringo Starr keeping the beat on a vintage-looking monitor, and with elements of other Beatles songs woven in, doing And I Love Her:

The performance above was on Letterman. The original And I Love Her was part of the A Hard Day's Night movie and album, released in 1964, and reached No. 12 on the Billboard singles chart.

Here is the lovely original version of the song:

Broken Bells' new album is called After the Disco. Check it out on iTunes or find it on Amazon.

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