Saturday, March 29, 2014

Two-Legged Dog Named 'Duncan Lou Who' Frolics on the Beach

The boxer dog in this video is named Duncan Lou Who, and he has only his two front legs. But that doesn't stop him! Watch him amazingly balance on his front legs and run like the wind as he frolics on the beach:

This isn't the first video for Duncan Lou Who the boxer. His story is that he was born with severely deformed back legs, but he was saved from the scrap heap by the Panda Paws Rescue organization. They worked with him, including fitting him with a doggie wheelchair to carry the weight of his hindquarters and provide mobility.

But Duncan Lou Who had different ideas. He didn't like that wheelchair, and eventually he learned to get around - and get around very well - without it.

Here is Duncan Lou Who and his doggie pal Socks having a tug of war:

Here is Duncan Lou Who fighting his way up stairs:

And here's the video where we were first introduced to the two-legged boxer named Duncan Lou Who:

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