Sunday, January 18, 2015

World's Most Generic News Report: What Every TV News Report Looks Like

Have you ever noticed that many television news reports share the same basic structure - right down to the same visuals? Charlie Brooker noticed. Brooker says nearly every television news report is built the same way. And he shows us right here (parental alert - contains profanity):

Who is Charlie Brooker? He's an English broadcaster and satirist, and the above clip is taken from his shortlived BBC program Newswipe with Charlie Brooker. Newswipe aired on BBC Four for a total of 12 episodes during 2009-10. It featured Brooker reviewing the way news is covered by news channels.

According to Wikipedia's summary of the show:

The aim of Newswipe was to expose the inner workings of news media ... The series was a comic, thoughtful and acerbic analysis of recent news coverage. Newswipe also looked at the way the news is presented to the public. Experts were on hand to pick apart certain stories and analysed the news media's obsessions.

Charlie Brooker commented: "This is new territory for me: I'm no current affairs expert. Just like, I suspect, many people, when I tune into the news I often feel like I've wandered into episode 389 of the world's most complex soap opera. So it's also about me trying to make sense of a bewildering and often bloody stupid world."

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