Meteorite Falls Past Skydiver, Who Catches it on Camera

For the first time ever, a meteorite that is no longer glowing has been captured on camera during its fall. And it was captured on camera by a skydiver in a wingsuit, as the meteorize dropped past him in the sky.

Here is an 8-minute news story about the incident, in Norwegian but with English subtitles (the meteorites first appears around the 1:50 mark):

In an English-language story on the Norwegian news site, the experts weigh in:

Although Helstrup is still not completely convinced that it was indeed a meteorite that flew past him, the experts are in no doubt.

"It can't be anything else. The shape is typical of meteorites – a fresh fracture surface on one side, while the other side is rounded," said geologist Hans Amundsen.

He explained that the meteorite had been part of a larger stone that had exploded perhaps 20 kilometres above Helstrup.

Amundsen thinks he can make out coloured patches in the stone, and believes that in that case it may be a breccia – a common type of meteorite rock.


UPDATE: Turns out this wasn't a meteorite, but just a plain ol' rock. It was apparently caught up in the skydiver's parachute, and fell out when the chute opened.