Pro Golfer Jumps Into Lake to Escape Attacking Hornets

Pablo Larrazabal is a Spanish golfer who plays on the European Tour, where he's won three times and was Rookie of the Year in 2008. He's pretty good. Which means that he usually handles golf course hazards without much problem.

But Larrazabal never encountered a hazard like the one he ran into on Friday during the second round of the Maybank Malaysian Open in Kuala Lumpur: a swarm of hornets. The hornets were moving across the golf course when they flew right into Larrazabal (or did Larrazabal walk right into the hornets? Larrazabal and the hornets disagree on that point).

As the announcer in the video below says, it looks funny at first as Larrazabal starts gyrating wildly to try to get the hornets off him. But in fact, he was stung 20 or more times and had to jump into a golf course lake to get away from them! The hornets didn't bother anyone else.

And in the end, apart from the discomfort of the stings and his wet clothes, Larrazabal doesn't seem to have been bothered either. He birdied the hole on which the incident happened and went on to shoot 4-under par 68.