Yes, the 'Luminous Butt Bucket' is a Real Product

Have you heard of the "Luminous Butt Bucket"? Sounds like a Victorian-era insult, doesn't it? That's what prompted this tweet from comedian Patton Oswalt:

Patton Oswalt Luminous Butt Bucket tweet

As you may be able to see from the text in the photo, the Luminous Butt Bucket is an "extinguishing ashtray." That is, an ashtray into which you drop your cigarette butts, and the ashtray putts out your cigarette by cutting off its oxygen supply. Does that really save you anything compared to just crushing out that butt as in a normal ashtray? Well, the Luminous Butt Bucket is also supposed to cut down on cigarette smoke odors by capturing and holding the last smoke from that extinguished butt inside the ashtray.

It seems like if you really cared that much about cutting down on cigarette smoke odors you would ... consider quitting smoking? Quitting is hard, though.

Here's the selling point to smokers for the Luminous Butt Bucket: It is small and shaped like a cup, the kind of cup you might sit down into the cupholders in your vehicle. Maybe you don't want to crush out that ciggy while driving. Drop it into the butt bucket. But it's small. The product description notes that it "holds several cigarettes."

Alas, we were unable to find any reviews of this product. But if you want to try to the Luminous Butt Bucket, check it out on (affiliate links in this post), or view other extinguishing ashtrays.

If you need help quitting smoking, please visit this help page from the American Lung Association.