Review: Flowbee Haircutting System

By Charlotte Kuchinsky

By now, virtually everyone has heard of the Flowbee Precision Haircutting System. It has been around for a few decades. At first, many treated the product like a joke, laughing at the idea that any haircutting system hooked up to a vacuum could possibly do a good job. But they are no longer laughing because Flowbee manages to deliver.

My son-in-law wanted this system for Christmas a couple of years ago. I really wasn’t keen on buying it for him. However, I finally broke down and made the purchase. He's been using it to cut his hair ever since.

How Does Flowbee Work?
You hook the Flowbee system up to just about any vacuum cleaner. The suction of the machine pulls the hair up to whatever desired length you choose. Then you cut it. Repeat the action throughout the hair until you complete your haircut. The system uses spacers to make certain that you can’t cut your hair too short. You always get the length - from a half-inch up to six inches - that you want.

The manufacturer claims that “the system is so simple and precise, you can give yourself a perfect haircut every time.” My son-in-law certainly seems to get a good cut each and every time. It even provides the tools that you need to get the perfect cut over and around the ears as well as the neck.

It may sound like the Flowbee Precision Haircutting System would be a lot of trouble to hook up and operate as well as to clean. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The system is simple to hook up to just about any vacuum as long as it has three horsepower or eight amps. Flowbee's easy to follow instruction manual makes certain that you don’t ever make a mistake. Within 10 minutes, your haircut is complete and you are done. There is no mess to clean up because all of the hair goes directly into the vacuum.

How Long Will Flowbee Last?
The manufacturer guarantees that Flowbee will do “hundreds of precision cuts,” as long as the blades are changed regularly. However, let me offer a word of caution here. Flowbee’s blades cannot be sharpened. They must be totally replaced, which adds a bit more expense to the overall cost of the machine. (Editor's note: The thought of trying to cut one's hair with a vacuum system that has dull blades sends shivers up my spine!)

If you lose a spacer or another Flowbee part, don’t panic. The manufacturer carries spare parts for all of its machines; past and present.

Can I Use Flowbee to Groom My Pet?
It is not recommended that you use the original Flowbee on your pet. Flowbee now makes another unit specifically for pets, the Flowbee Pet Groomer. Note that you should never use a vacuum-style haircutting product of any kind on a pet with matted fur.

Where Can I Purchase It?
Flowbee can be purchased in certain specialized retail stores. However, the bulk of these systems are now purchased online. Several websites carry the system, including Flowbee's own site.

Search Amazon for Flowbee products

The Verdict
While I probably wouldn’t purchase this system for myself, I’m glad that I fulfilled my son-in-law’s Christmas wish. He loves it. I also have to appreciate the fact that I have easily saved several hundred dollars in dog grooming expenses since I gave him the machine. It probably paid for itself within two to three months.

I give this product six out of 10 stars. It would have ranked higher if the blades could be sharpened, but having to totally replace them from time to time seems like a manufacturer-concocted expense. I have to deduct one star for that.