Review: The Ove Glove

The Ove Glove (affiliate link) is, as its name states, a "hot surface handler." To most people, that means "oven mitt." But the Ove Glove is a true glove, not a mitt or mitten: it has four fingers plus a thumb.

The Ove Glove is touted as being able to "dramatically extend the time you can handle a hot object in your hands." When I purchased my Ove Glove (they come one per box) at a price of $19.95 (prices have since come down), I was under the impression that the Ove Glove infomercial claimed this product was more effective than a typical oven mitt. However, that may have been a mistaken impression on my part, given that the packaging blurbs make no comparisons between the Ove Glove and similar products - only between the wearer's ability to withstand heat with the Ove Glove on, and with bare hands.

The Ove Glove vs. bare hands. Duh! Of course the Ove Glove will "dramatically extend the time you can handle a hot object in your hands." But you can just as well wad up some toilet paper or newspaper or a towel and get the same effect, compared to bare hands.

What's important in deciding whether to spend money on an item is whether it performs better than similar items at similar tasks.

How does the Ove Glove stack up against a plain ol' oven mitt? OK, but not great. The oven mitts in my house are very old and their surface is even worn through in several spots, exposing the lining underneath. Still, those old oven mitts protected my hands from heat just as well - or even better - than the Ove Glove. There was some disagreement in my household about whether the old oven mitts were actually better than the Ove Glove. I thought they were. Another tester felt the Ove Glove held its own, but was just the equal of, not the better of, the oven mitts.

So what the Ove Glove gets right is its 5-finger approach, its flexibility, its comfortable fit and feel. What it gets wrong is its price when products that do that same job in the kitchen, perhaps even better, can be purchased for less.

However, the Ove Glove, because it is a true glove, certainly offers more variety of uses than a typical oven mitt. For that reason, it may be worth considering for folks who typically handle hot materials outside the kitchen as well as inside. Just don't expect wonders.

If you'd like to try it yourself, check out the Ove Glove on Amazon.