Did Bob Dylan 'Sell Out' With 2014 Super Bowl Commercial? Guess You Never Saw His Victoria's Secret Ad

Bob Dylan appeared in a Super Bowl commercial. This fact seems to be confusing many of Dylan's biggest fans. Weird. I thought accusations of artists "selling out" by appearing in commercials died with the advent of YouTube, when we learned than many of them had been "selling out" for years in Japan! Or perhaps even earlier, when first KISS and then The Who decided to give their entire catalogs over to marketers.

At any rate, Bob Dylan's 2014 Super Bowl ad was not even his first TV commercial. Below are a few of his previous efforts on behalf of corporations.

YouTube user dylansmith cleverly starts this clip with a Dylan press conference in 1965. He is asked which commercial interest, if he ever sold out to one, would he sell out to? Dylan answers, "Ladies garments." In 2007, Dylan did a commercial for ... Victoria's Secret:

Here's a Pepsi commercial from 2009:

Here's a Cadillac/XM Radio spot from 2007:

Finally, here is the 2014 Super Bowl that started the discussion of Dylan "selling out." The spot is for Chrysler: