Baby Tree Kangaroos Have the Run of the House

Tree kangaroos, the arboreal cousins of the more famous ground-dwelling kangaroos, live in Queensland, Australia; New Guinea; and some of the islands in that region. They are believed to have split off from wallabies about five to seven million years ago.

The tree kangaroo joeys in the video below were orphaned in the wild (or perhaps rejected by their mother), but, luckily, rescued. Now they are being raised during their childhood by wildlife caregiver Margit Cianelli, who houses them inside her own house. While there they will be taught to climb (both inside and out) and learn which foods are safe to eat.

Speaking of foods: One scene in the video shows a tree kangaroo munching on spaghetti (it doesn't yet know the slurp method). Another scene shows a baby tree kangaroo wrestling with a teddy bear.