Watch David Byrne's Very Awkward 'American Bandstand' Interview with Dick Clark

Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth - the rhythm section and co-founding members of Talking Heads - recently did a Q&A with The whole thing is interesting - they talk about the early days of the band, playing at CBGB, and their difficult relationship with Talking Heads frontman and auteur David Byrne.

Here's what caught my eye, from Tina:

I couldn't explain to the record-label people why David's behavior could be so incredibly odd. He had a freak-out on our first television appearance, on Dick Clark, on American Bandstand. David sort of froze, and Dick Clark sort of whirled around, and hands the microphone to me.

Yes, that's right, David Byrne's oddities have defied explanation for a long time. But doesn't that make you want to see the American Bandstand segment? (Isn't the idea of the Talking Heads lip-synching away on American Bandstand just strange all on its own?)

The band appeared on American Bandstand on March 17, 1979. Here is the Q&A interlude in which Dick Clark tries to get something, anything, out of David Byrne:

Yep, that David was (is) one odd duck ...