Cooper the Dog Lets Little Friend Lick Ice Cream Cone First, Then Attacks It Himself

Back when I was in school, as a pre-teen and early teen, my mother would pick me up from school each day. We'd head to the drive-through at Dairy Queen and get a soft-serve ice cream cone. I would always hold the cone over the seat, reaching it into the back so my beloved childhood dog could get the first licks. Then I'd finish it off myself.

I guess that makes me Cooper in this video. Cooper is the big dog, Daisy is the little one. Their owner gets them an ice cream cone at McDonald's. She holds it for them, admonishing Cooper to wait while Daisy gets the first licks. Cooper waits, although you can tell he's very eager to get at that ice cream.

Why does little Daisy get to go first with the ice cream cone, and big Cooper has to wait? Well, watch: