A Little Ice Music

"A music festival at minus-15 degrees might not be to everyone's taste," a news report from AFP begins. It's a piece on Norway's annual Ice Music Festival, in which the performers play instruments made of ice. But here's a more in-depth news report on the festival, one that shows instruments being made, provides good samples of the music, and generally a good artistic feel for the event it is covering:

The 2014 Ice Music Festival is currently under way. The festival website explains:

Located in the idyllic mountain home of Geilo in Norway, under the watchful eye of the mighty Hallingskarvet Plateau - the Ice Music Festival’s aesthetics, music and nature, melt together under the first full moon of the year.

Constructed and formed exclusively from naturally harvested ice and snow, the Festival is a tribute to art, the environment and one’s of the world’s most vital resources - water. Frozen water.

The festival was founded in 2006 by Terje Isungset and Pål K Medhus, and Terje is described as an "ice music pioneer." Terje is a percussionist who blends jazz and Scandinavian music. From his 2010 album, here is his haunting song, performed on ice instruments (with a guest vocalist), Fading Sun:

Here is another ice performance by Terje, this one at the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.: