Watch: Some of the Most Amazing Pool Trick Shots You'll Ever See

The mind-blowing pool savant showing off his trick shots in this video is Florian Kohler, a k a "Venom."

The clip above is a promo for Venom Trickshots II: Part I (yes, they named it Part I of number II), a 49-minute long DVD. "Join Florian 'Venom' Kohler once again as he embarks on an ambitious world trickshot tour that spans 9 countries, 5 weeks, and over 300 trickshots," the promo copy reads. "From the casinos of Las Vegas to the mountains in China, Florian pushes innovation to defy the laws of physics at every turn."

The second DVD is a followup to the original Venom Trickshots. Kohler is from France and didn't even start playing pool until 18. One of the secrets to his success is a pool cue of his own design, the Mezz masse cue. It is specifically designed for billiards trick shot artists as it imparts more "masse" (or spin) than a traditional pool cue.