New from Long John Silver's: Dippin' Fish Strips

The newest item on the menu at Long John Silver's locations is called Dippin' Fish Strips. It's Long John's popular crispy battered fish strips served inside an easily portable box whose top folds over to hold a tub of dipping sauce. Pretty neat design for the french-fry-like carton.

The introductory price is $2.99 for a box of five. The Dippin' Fish Strips are also available as part of a combo meal with a side and drink, and can also be ordered as part of a Variety Platter Meal or a Family Meal.

Here is the TV commercial for Dippin' Fish Strips:

The Long John Silver's website does not yet list nutrition information specifically for the Dippin' Fish Strips snack box (of five). But in its news release, LJS notes that the strips are fried in 100-percent soybean oil and contain no trans fat.

Let us know what you think if you try them.