Wendy's Calls new Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger 'Mediterranean-Inspired'

Here is the newest premium, limited-time offering from Wendy's - the "Mediterranean-inspired" Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger:

It's "the perfect combination of contrasting flavors and textures you would expect to find in an upscale bistro," Wendy's says. But what makes the Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger "Mediterranean-inspired"? Here's how Wendy's describes it:

"No typical marinara and mozzarella here – the Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger smells and tastes like it was crafted under the Italian sun. It features Mediterranean-inspired ingredients, like tangy, creamy rosemary garlic aioli and sweet, mildly tart, roasted chopped tomatoes. The tomatoes and spring mix made from nine different greens give a burst of cool freshness against melty, naturally aged Asiago cheese and a hot quarter-pound patty of fresh, never-frozen North American beef*. Applewood Smoked bacon gives the cheeseburger extra crunch, and toasted authentic ciabatta bread makes the perfect bun for these complex, rich flavors."
It's a limited-time burger; no word on how long it might stay on the Wendy's menu. The suggested price is $4.79, but that could vary a bit from market to market.

It looks and sounds tasty. What about nutrition? The Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger comes with 670 calories, 39 grams of fat (13 saturated, 1.5 trans), 1,260mg of salt, 32g of protein and 4g of fiber.

If you try one, let us know what you think.