These Peacock Spiders Just Want to Dance! All Together Now: Y-M-C-A!

Not all spiders are scary. These peacock spiders love dancing to the Village People's Y-M-C-A:

The song wasn't actually playing while these spiders danced, but you probably knew that. This video is a YouTube creation. However, the footage of the spiders is real. Here is the video, minus the Village People:

The YouTube user who uploaded the original video, Peacockspiderman, explains:

Courtship display of the Coastal peacock spider (Maratus speciosus). Hard to believe, but there is no footage of this species yet in any wildlife documentary. It inhabits coastal dune habitats near Perth in Western Australia. Filmed by me (Jurgen Otto) with Canon 60D and 100 mm macro lens. Thanks to David Knowles from Perth for providing the spiders filmed here

(Discovered via Laughing Squid)