Trailer for B.J. Novak's Book: Le Magnefique!

Writer, actor, producer B.J. Novak has written a book of fiction - short stories. And he gathered a few of his friends, including Mindy Kaling, for a book trailer. Much of the dialogue is in French, until Mindy breaks character with some Rhianna gossip. "Can't you stay in character?" Novak bellows. The concept for the trailer, Novak explains, is "... I wrote a book so now I'm all pretentious."

"But people think you're pretentious anyway," Kaling replies.

You can read an excerpt from the book published recently in The New Yorker. The excerpt is titled The Man Who Invented the Calendar.

The book itself is called One More Thingand its release date is Feb. 4, 2014.