Cat Rides Skateboard All Around Town, Does Tricks, Leaps Dog

One of the best things about this video of a cat riding a skateboard around town is the surprised look on the faces of many passers-by.

Also, there's that scene where the cat jumps over a dog:

The cat is named Didja, and he lives in Coolangatta, Australia, with his human, who posts on YouTube as "Catmantoo." Catmantoo is actually Robert Dollwet, a professional animal trainer who owns Malibu Dog Training and is also the owner (and trainer) of Didja. The other animals that appear in the video (well, except for the humans) were also trained by Dollwet.

At one point near the end of the video, Didja even takes his doggie friend Wilson for a ride:

You can also follow Didja on Catmantoo's Facebook page.