Watch 13-Year-Old Jimmy Page Playing Skiffle

Today is the 70th birthday of legendary Led Zeppelinaxeman Jimmy Page, who some regard as the greatest rock guitarist ever and just about every rock fan regards as one of the best ever.

But like many English boys of his time (including John Lennon and Paul McCartney), he started off playing in skiffle bands. And when Jimmy was 13 years old, he appeared with a skiffle band on the English TV series All Your Own, hosted by Huw Wheldon. That show was an early version of Star Search: a talent show.

Page's appearance, in 1957, included two performances with his mates, with Jimmy playing a Hofner President guitar. Between the two songs, host Wheldon speaks with Page, who informs the host that he plans to go into "biological research" in hopes of finding a cure for cancer.

Here is 13-year-old Jimmy Page, in 1957, playing skiffle: