First-Ever Porsche Car Found, and In Great Shape

What if the very first car ever build by Ransom Olds or Henry Ford still existed? Well, the very first car built by Porsche does exist. It's been sitting in a barn for more than 100 years. And to borrow Lorenzo's phrase, you look marvelous:

The website Jalopnik has the story, which begins this way:

The first Porsche ever built has been untouched since 1902. Officially called the Egger-Lohner C.2 Phaeton, this electric car from 1898 has 'P1' engraved onto all of the key components standing for Porsche 1, done by the then 23-years old Ferdinand Porsche himself.

If you love cars, or just cool history, check out the story, which includes many great photos.