What a Crock(Pot): Smartphone-Controlled Slow Cooker On the Way

Is it possible to make a slow cooker even easier to use? After all, the kitchen countertop gadgets - often generically referred to as "crockpots," although "crockpot" is a specific, trademarked brand of slow cooker - are the original set-it-and-forget-it cookers.
Photo: Gizmodo
Drop in your ingredients, turn on the slow cooker, open eight hours later, and dinner is served.

But now a company called Belkin, which has a line of home-automation products, has partnered with the company that owns the "crockpot" brand name to produce the Crock-Pot WeMo Slow Cooker (which we've also seen referred to as the WeMo Smart Crock pot). This slow cooker is so easy you can even control it remotely, through a smartphone app. Gizmodo, reporting from the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, wrote:
Like other WeMo smart appliances, the crock pot is controlled by a smartphone app. Need to change the temperature? Forget to turn the dang thing on? Want to set reminders for you need to be home to eat? You can do it all from your app. The pot goes on sale in March and will retail for $100.
Engadget offered its own description:
The silver-and-black color scheme does offer a bit of sophistication though, just in case you were worried. Simplified controls are situated on the front with a single button for toggling warm, low and high settings. With the WeMo app, users can adjust temperature and set timers to ensure proper doneness.
What do you think: Does an app-capable crockpot sound like something worth cooking up?