Monterey Melt Back Full-Time at Whataburger

Do you live in a part of the country that has Whataburger fast food restaurants? Lucky you! Whataburger is my all-time favorite fast food, a staple of my childhood and a continued treat well into my adulthood.

And there's some Whataburger news: the Texas-based chain is bringing back the Monterey Melt burger. The Monterey Melt was a limited-time special in 2013, but henceforth it will be a permanent feature of the chain's All-Time Favorites menu. Here's the tweet:

From a company press release:

The Monterey Melt was extremely popular during its short run on the Whataburger menu in 2013. Based on overwhelming customer response, Whataburger decided to bring it back full-time as one of the All-Time Favorites. The Monterey Melt includes two 100 percent beef patties topped with Monterey Jack and American cheese, grilled onions and peppers, and Whataburger’s Jalapeño Ranch sauce.

The All-Time Favorites portion of the Whataburger menu, in addition to the Monterey Melt, now includes the Patty Melt, A1 Thick 'n Hearty burger, Chop House Cheddar burger, Honey BBQ Chicken Strip sandwich, BBQ Cheddar burger and Green Chili Double. Love 'em all, but, personally, the original Whataburger double-double will always be my fave.

You can view the Monterey Melt nutritional info here.